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Daily Dog Collar-1.5” Polished Stainless Steel

Daily Dog Collar-1.5” Polished Stainless Steel

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Same as our 1.5” Daily Dog collar with all stainless steel hardware with a less industrial looking, but just as functional polished stainless steel buckle. 

1 1/2” Genuine BioThane®️ collar with all heavy duty stainless steel hardware and rivets. This collar is made with Super Heavy BioThane®️ material keeping the high drive dog in mind it has a 1,500lb break strength. The new buckle style eliminates the need for the additional floating keeper in our original 1.5” Daily Dog Collar, and helps to ensure the BioThane®️ material stays put and your collar stays secure even under wet conditions. Wet conditions can cause the BioThane®️ material to have more slip, and the new buckle style helps to maintain pressure on the BioThane material at all times. 

*Please contact me if you would like a color/size you don’t see listed! 

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