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Dock Diver-1.5” Stainless Steel

Dock Diver-1.5” Stainless Steel

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1 1/2” Genuine BioThane®️Dock Diver fits dogs with 17-21” neck and comes with heavy duty stainless steel hardware and rivets featuring 1” wide handle secured with stainless steel rivets.

The main collar is made with Super Heavy BioThane®️ material keeping the high drive dog in mind it has a 1,500lb break strength. It boasts an additional floating keeper that helps keep pressure on the BioThane®️ material. This helps to ensure the BioThane®️ material stays put and your collar stays secure even under wet conditions which can cause the BioThane®️ material to have more slip. If this additional keeper is not wanted or needed it can easily be bypassed, and due to the snugness on the material will not cause your pup any discomfort.

Please contact us if you are looking for a custom color combination.


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